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All in 1


Regular Prices 


Gutters $100


20 Regular Windows Outside  $ 80


Deck o patio Power wash 300 sq ft  $100


House power wash up to 2000 Sq ft  $200


Total  $480  



 You Only pay $350


Window Cleaning.
 Minimun Job From $75  and up.


We appreciate your interest in 1aservices Window Cleaning.


Our window cleaning service includes cleaning the interior and exterior of the glass,
Double Clean Proces:
1 Soaping and sponging of the entire window
2 Pre-clean with a 6-inch razor blade
3 Re-soaping and sponging of the entire window
4 Cleaning with a traditional squeegee
5 Touching up any spots or streaks with a lint-free cloth to make it sparkle!