Types of fences
Vinyl and aluminum fencing is best described as maintenance-free. Well, for the most part, it is. But, as time goes by, it starts to lose its shine and begins to get mold and mildew on it. If this mold and mildew are not removed, it will only spread over the whole fence. This can cause more mold and mildew and further tarnishing the appearance of the fence line. Blasting with high pressure is a bad idea and scrubbing with a brush, well, that’s too much like work. What’s the solution to clean your siding?
High-quality detergents are the secret
Our process involves the low-pressure application of high-quality synergistic detergents and mold inhibitors. Did I mention water softeners for a cleaner rinse of your windows? We follow this with a thorough high volume/low-pressure rinse.
Our high volume, low-Pressure method is safer and more effective. Other contractors are still using high pressure to blast dirt away.
The results are in:
Curb appeal restored. Mold, mildew, and grime are gone and reducing the allergens near your home. This is a very important aspect of the reasons for having the exterior of your home cleaned by JB POWER WASH.
Increased value
If you were trying to sell your car, the first thing you would do is clean it right? Why not do this with your home. Get your home clean. A clean house will look better and be more attractive to potential buyers. It can even boost your appraisal of the property by several thousand dollars. It does make sense to spend a little money to get a huge return on your investment. This is why many homeowners who want to sell, have their home pressure washed. Then they list a beautiful home with curb appeal to the marketplace.
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